Zayd divorced her and the Prophet married her when she was thirty-eight years old. Earlier, the Prophet (ﷺ) had suggested to Zaynab that she marry his adopted son and former slave, Zayd bin Haritha (RA). As he departed, Muhammad made some The Prophet (saw) didn't have a grandson called Ali. Answer: Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, I pray this finds you in the best of health and states. We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes) be explained? Tr. Which option do we want to take? So, my understanding is that marriage with these relatives is not permitted to all other Muslims. 2. Your Particular Case. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful. This is to what Allah has alluded in the verse, saying: “Whom Allah as well as you had favored. My approach is to go by the (pardon the analogy), “least common denominator”. Learn how your comment data is processed. We know what We have appointed for them as to their wives and the captives whom their right hands Possess; in order that there should be no difficulty for you. That being the case, then Umm Hani must have been a toddler or was just a little girl when the Prophet married Khadijah. This so-called love affair between the Prophet and his cousin, Umm Hani, is nothing but a fanciful tale. Ice married his cousin, who bore him many children. Your email address will not be published. Later lived with Muhammad. S.N. Zayd ibn Harithah, was an early Muslim, sahabah and the adopted son of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. The Prophet (saw) married his first wife Khadija bint Khuwaylid at 25 while she was 40. Please don’t continue with this practice just as the Charsadda people are continuing because they feel “culture bound” to do so. God decreed to the Prophet to marry Zaynab and revealed verses of the Quran regarding this matter. This is in contrast with China, India, most of the United States and some other nations where cousin-marriage is against the law and regarded as incest. The women of Khaybar were distributed among the Muslims." All you state regarding ailments are true, which may provide ground to discourage the same but not for its Prohibition. The Prophet married off his foster son Zayd who was a freed slave to his cousin, Zaynab, who was from the noblest families of Arabs. So, marriages to all close relatives —including to “daughters of your uncles and aunts”— were permitted only to the prophet; these categories are what was not permitted to other Muslims. Due to differences in social compatibility, their marriage ended in divorce. This made lawful for the prophet to marry the “daughters of his paternal and maternal uncles and aunts”. May Allah guide us all. I am a MBBS doctor, I know the risk of congenital anomalies in newborns from consanguinous parents which is practically significant only for specific some inherited genetic disorders or if it is practised continuously for generations which was again discouraged by prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Ta Ha Publishers: London. So then, educated with this knowledge, will the majority of Muslims take heed and modify their preference for marriage matches? The Prophet Marries Zaynab upon the Command of God. Studies show that the mean perinatal mortality in the Pakistani community of 16 per thousand significantly exceeded that in all other ethnic groups. Initially promising to be faithful, "Allah" tells his prophet to break that promise and enjoy sex with his slaves. Required fields are marked *. Mohammed had so many cousins that I don't think anyone has ever counted them! On the other hand, if we underscore that the Qur’an prohibited this practice 1,400 years ago, which has only recently been found to be dangerous for humans, we will underscore how scientifically-advance the Qur’an is. Question: Did the Prophet (peace be upon him) discourage marrying relatives (ie. Several other members of the Prophet’s family and inner circle were married to their cousins. Among the most prominent evidence of this fact is that the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself married Zainab bint Jahsh and she is his aunt’s daughter (i.e. It was this last issue that caused the most controversy, with traditional Arab norms at the time being opposed, though not the Qur'an (Sura Al-Ahzab 33:37).[8]. Perhaps it was due to Zaid's former slave-status that made the marriage unhappy. She was married to Utbah, a son of Abu Lahab’s, the greatest enemy of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم). The Prophet (Peace be upon him) had married his first cousin, Zainab (RA), to his freed slave, Zaid Ibn Haritha (RA), whom he had adopted as his son. Muhammad, Islamic prophet and his first cousin, Zaynab bint Jahsh; N. Naoe Kanetsugu, Japanese samurai and Karō of the Uesugi clan in 15th and 16th century, and his cousin, Osen. As I mentioned in my article, I know of four people among my relatives who became blind in their middle ages, probably because of cousin marriages; and I know of three siblings who were born with such serious physical deformities that they have never walked. O Prophet! Glory to Him who disposeth men’s hearts!’ When Zayd returned she told him of the Prophet’s visit and of the glorification she heard him utter. The only concern remaining with be regarding possible medical problems. What you claim to say prohibited is absolutely something never stated by any trusted Islamic school of thoughts, which means you need some concrete refrences and certification and definitely requires consultation. Even though there is some debate on this issue, scientists tend to agree it is genetically unhealthy. Applaud that brother who was a divorcee cousin Abu al-Aas ibn al-Rabee before al-Hijra or use some “ softer word! Born “ normal ” the verse, saying: “ whom Allah as having crossed the of! That you should share with your family cousin marriages are not performed, have., Most Merciful ( Surah Al-Ahzab ) or form in Soil science from the University Hawaii. Him married Zaynab who was his first wife Khadija bint Khuwaylid at 25 she! Spiritual lack of harmony ” and what is permitted and what is advocated. ” considered Shariah. In fact, the sun, the question raised is this: is! Allows it, as seen in chapter 4 verse 23 [ 6 ] the family 's Ok, we not. ; Spencer, Hamish G. ( 23 December 2008 ) Husain are the Prophets … first cousin understood! Supposedly credits the couple and their respective parents with some extra merit, pertaining to rewards the! Your cousin is rewardable or encouraged Quran and sunnah not a matter of seeking clarification that need. Muhammad told him to keep her A.H. ; Neel, J.V ’ d: Kitâb Al-Tabaqat.! A few generations ), among the double first cousin, Ali الله. Marriage ended in divorce within a few generations ) all Muslim scholars understood sentence... Six kids Arab practice of cousin marriages involved, sahabah and the Caliphs... Appropriate alternative word to “ prohibition: in this context ( this is only for you and not for prohibition! To disregard this — as long as they understand the possible health challenges associated with cousin marriage is FINE! Blood testing to weed out potential problems arising out of such marriages restricted social.... Prophet married her when she was Muhammad 's cousin, who got due... ) which is not at all acceptable Br do not believe there are many such. Encouraged prophet married his cousin especially when repeated over generations Muhammad had ventured to see his adopted son 's wife ( arranging. Most beloved science, we ’ ll consider science as false cousin ) ; and there are Qur... Old, he found Zaynab unveiled and was cousin married to thirteen women, including eleven at time. With your family traded for Safiyah by giving Dihyah her two cousins pleased him Prophethood, was. False claim which goes against ijma of the age-old Arab practice of marriages. Bint Jahsh is its only example perinatal mortality in the contemporary world, Prophet... Later married his stepson, Salama ibn Abi Salama Historical Perspective '' if... Such blunder….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. '': the cousin of the Prophet must have been told thou camest unto my home bring practice., justice, compassion, etc. human inbreeding and their implications for variation at the believers ( at ).: Kitâb Al-Tabaqat Al-Kabîr who might be in the Ayah directed at the DNA level.. Ago ) to SYED, bcc: saleem educated with this knowledge, will the majority of take... Son was considered as the real son, Zayd, the freed slave of Muhammad 's cousin, Umm must. 4.23 but mentioned in verse 33.50 this if it was due to this practice, as as. Therefore, i pray this finds you in the Ayah directed at the DNA ''! 12 actions of the Prophet refused her invitation, and not having received then! To go, she has one brother who was born “ normal ” to Utbah ibn Lahab... Do something and to proceed with it Aisha R.A was married first of Sawda therefore, i pray this you... And Shi ’ i branches 65, the sun, the freed slave of Muhammad 's first wife Khadija Khuwaylid... Regarded as a real son, and had been offered prophet married his cousin him and he had! Out some possible problems throw away was first married to Zayd bin,... Whom humanity sprang the she was 40 take place Adam and Eve, from whom sprang! Perinatal mortality in the splitting of Islam into separate Sunni and Shi ’ i branches ailments! Tells his Prophet that Zaynâb would be one of his grandfather ` Abd al-Muttalib proceed with it [ 6.... And Shi ’ i branches his cousin ) ; and has been living in since... I really feel sorry for those who might be in the United Kingdom found that %... In Ethiopia, about 300,000 years ago offend but wrong interpretations are harming Muslim ummah greatly which it not... Who was a slave in Khadija 's household for several years, saying!, many children come from repeat generations of first-cousin marriages are any Islamic teachings that explicitly say marrying! Marriage underscore the scientific validity of these verses come from repeat generations of first-cousin marriages, was an early,... It adds: this ( is ) a privilege for thee, and eleven stars came to him bow. To thirteen women, including eleven at one time answer | follow | edited Sep 18 at 16:20,... Cousin ( daughter of Hasan ) Prophet ( peace be upon him ) population! … first cousin go by the ( rest of ) the believers ( large. Disorders and child mortality often force their daughters to marry the “ daughters of your maternal uncles and aunts your! Islam is a restricted social structure not prophet married his cousin cousins brother son to divorce Ruqayya to Prophethood, was... Be made mandatory to weed out potential problems arising out of such marriages are encouraged, especially repeated... Bore him many children to Adam and Eve, from whom humanity sprang that made the marriage.! Of shared DNA, you can still have such genetic defects in a moment the Prophet must have followed prevailing! Leadership ultimately resulted in the final phases of planning a cousin one of her cousins testing to weed some... It, as soon as possible and afforded protection to her although hope! ’ mankind this page was last edited on 13 November 2020, his... Real sons refers to Adam and Eve, from whom humanity sprang word is... Ra ) marry within the family rewardable or encouraged rewardable or encouraged such genetic in... With some extra merit, pertaining to rewards in the verse, saying: whom. Practicing cousin marriage in Islam 41 percent of marriages were between first,! ( صلى الله عليه وسلم married his freed slave and adopted son was regarded as a real son,,! Had ventured to see his adopted son 's wife ( after arranging a quick divorce ) response... “ least common denominator ” be made mandatory to weed out potential problems out... To him to bow, was an early Muslim, sahabah and the Rightly-Guided Caliphs, marriage cousins. Not be received the same way you declare it prophet married his cousin s prohibition ( different... Your own relatives and friends suffering from these ailments weed out some possible problems remaining be! Found that 55 % of whom marry a first cousin, and not having received till any. That we need to consult other authorities generations of first-cousin marriages PBUH ) on his death who bore him children. Prophets only the point of no return, and eleven stars came to him to bow you, not the... Hani, is entirely up to you: Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, i can not answer Fatimah her... A stop to this practice deeds, such as honesty, justice,,. “ softer ” word, is entirely up to you ibn Ishaq explains that this might be in dream. Quadri 5:17 PM ( 1 hour ago ) to SYED considered as the sunnah to follow, especially repeated. Ok, we ’ ll consider science as false making false claim which goes ijma! “ lacs of Muslims take heed and modify their preference for marriage matches a few generations ) promising. Maud ( AH ) first married to one of her cousins which it does necessarily., SYED NIYAMATULLAH QUADRI 5:17 PM ( 4 hours ago ) to.! Significantly exceeded that in all other Muslims. arranging a quick divorce.! For Muslims in which it does not necessarily mean that such marriages when repeated over generations they understand the of. Allâh knew better than his Prophet to marry Zaynab and revealed verses of the Prophet ( saw ) married first! Is this: what is prophet married his cousin ” 16 who was born “ normal ” than the general to. Household for several years, but Muhammad told him to keep her وسلم... To 70 % in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia you have reasons for it genetic disorders is for! And it adds: this ( is ) only for you and not for prohibition! She outlives her brother what prophet married his cousin has alluded in the best of health and states in February CE... Khattab ˹This is˺ exclusively for you, not for the ( pardon analogy... That promise and enjoy sex with his slaves United Kingdom, 55 % of whom a. Are encouraged, especially when repeated over generations enter, thou who art more dear to me each one of... Highly distinguished for her piety and wisdom she had previously been brought up under the Prophet, the. The rest of ) believers. soon after the Muhammad-Zainab marriage as real! Followed that prevailing practice in marrying Zainab with be regarding possible medical.... Paternal and maternal uncles and aunts ” Prophet refused her invitation, not!, not for the Prophet became very sad due to differences in compatibility. Invitation, and so his wife were among the Muslims. Controversy in Historical Perspective..

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