Kurisu notes in utter disbelief that the latter is actually half German. She dies pushing Okabe out of the way of a car in chapter 10. She is a time-traveling, rebel fighter, time-hopping to the past to save us from her crappy future. His mission is vital, but it may mean the end for the mad scientist. Osan tämän sivuston paikkatiedoista tuottaa, Español - Latinoamérica (latinalaisenamerikanespanja). This is more of an epilogue sort of scene, after we have witnessed the key moments from the most important world lines that are the other endings. Similar to the lottery in the original SG. On several occasions, mostly in the anime, where he's forced to speak English to foreigners. Despite this, he soon returns to acting like his old self upon being confronted by Suzuha. A CRT-TV store owner, and Okabe's landlord. She has an authentic, caring relationship with him, and even though she and Okabe are awkward around each other because of significant spat they’re having, the love and respect they have for one another hasn’t left. at the end of Luka's route, where he gives up on saving Mayuri's life. Okabe accepts that he cannot save both Kurisu and Mayuri, and has to make a decision to sacrifice one of them. Part 125: Okabe Rintarou finally loses it (Warning: If tasteless discussion of rape makes you uncomfortable, you might want to just skip this whole entry. I could be wrong, but I thought that Milky Way Crossing was still the same worldline as. Mayuri's eyebrows are noticeably thick.Mayuri's outfit is simple and comfortable, consisting of a light blue one-piece dress and a hat of the same color. How she dies in several timelines, including one instance where she's pushed into a speeding train, usually by SERN's doing. Even if they all agreed to it, Okabe still had to make the final decision himself thanks to his Reading Steiner. In one world line, Nae accidentally kills Mayuri when she attempts to hug Mayuri after catching up to her on the subway platform, pushing Mayuri in front of a speeding train and killing her. As much as Suzuha wants to describe and warn Okabe of what is to come, her stubbornness does not allow her to try and connect emotionally with him. Despite his initial reluctance, when he deems it necessary he attacks Moeka, pins her and nearly kills her in order to take her phone and try to save Mayuri. Later, Suzuha's true identity is revealed. Yukitaka Akiha and his mentor, Suzu Hashida aka Suzuha. This leads to Suzuha taking Okabe's nonsense utterly seriously in the present since she doesn't know that Okabe was actually just some dorky university student in 2010. Faris is Mayuri's coworker at the May Queen Cafe as well as the owner. Nae doesn't really get why Okabe calls her father that. It becomes something of a memento after she goes back in time. Okabe receives the D-Mail video from 2025 after his first failed attempt to save Kurisu. It is real, in the form of SERN. Rintarou Okabe Kurisu Makise Mayuri Shiina Steins Gate Itaru. Unfortunately, no matter how hard Okabe tries, Mayuri ends up dying, with or without the involvement of Moeka and the gun-totting thugs. It didn't stick, and she was taken in by FB. Her outfit consists of a blue jacket, a sweater, black cycle shorts and white socks. Okabe's first attempt to save Kurisu ends with him stabbing her by mistake and he holds her in his arms as she bleeds to death. His Hououin Kyouma persona is created through one in the movie. She keeps the content of her mail a secret. Kurisu mentions that it's impossible to fix the time machine with current technology, but Okabe forces Daru to do it in 48 hours with the reward of a date with Faris. since in one timeline she dies just after meeting him and in the other they end up on opposing sides of global conflict. On a less cute/comical note, her poor ability to interact with others left her feeling isolated and miserable, which made it easy to recruit her into the Rounders and follow any order her superiors gave her. Moeka attempted suicide after years of being shunned by her peers and abandoned by her parents. Emulating this, he claims Mayuri to be his "hostage", to help her cope with her immense grief over her grandmother's death. he doesn't care whether he lives or dies, as long Mayuri and Kurisu are fine. All he had was a choice of whether to save Mayuri or Kurisu. She opens up to him by confiding her real name to him as a sign of trust then telling him about her previous memories of opening May Queen Nyan Nyan cafe after her father died in the plane crash which was averted thanks to the D-mail she sent but because of the Butterfly Effect, Mayuri's destined to die no matter what in the Alpha worldline and the solution is to undo the D-mail which she tearfully agrees to, if it means saving Mayuri on Okabe's behalf. Having told this to her and she having spent time understanding the situation fully, she only appears alive when Okabe is briefly teleported back to the Alpha timeline. Okabe certainly thinks so after repeatedly failing to save Mayuri: Deep down, I knew. Subverted horribly in the Gamma timeline where he is physically fitter, richer and more disciplined but this is a result of him willingly joining SERN as a Rounder, spy and researcher. Despite his goofiness, he's actually pretty intelligent and has an intuitive grasp of much of what they're doing. V&A and MWC are on different worldlines. The last time she saw her father before he died she yelled at him to die for going on business trip instead of spending time with her. He's very shy and soft spoken and before the story began was too nervous to ask to join the group, so he becomes the sixth member to join after Moeka and Kurisu have already joined. 18. It gave her life meaning to be in contact with someone that would listen to her like FB. This is true, up to a point (i.e., as long as he remains on the Alpha attractor field). In the Alpha timeline, he appears to be somewhat recently deceased, though he wasn't around to raise his daughter much either. Rintaro Okabe (岡部 倫太郎, Okabe Rintarō), also known by the alias Hououin Kyouma (鳳凰院 凶真, Hōōin Kyōma), is the main protagonist of Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0. He thinks it's really rude and gets defensive. She's a Rounder not because she cares about SERN or time travel, but simply so that she can continue to talk to her surrogate mother FB. apart from when the origin of 'John Titor' is discussed to be based upon a multilingual pun by translating his name into English. Doctor Nakabachi is a crackpot physicist obsessed with time travel. A third Suzuha appears in the movie, coming from the Steins;Gate timeline. She was killed by SERN as a punishment for her husband, who went against his orders in order to protect an elderly Suzuha, and was jellified in one of their experiments while pregnant with their second child. She's from a future where she constantly fights and only knows Okabe as a deceased revolutionary leader who helped invent time travel devices, so from her perspective everything he says sounds about right, if perhaps a little dramatic. Moeka is a silent and inexpressive young woman who prefers to communicate through her cellphone. Mayuri Shiina (椎名 まゆり, Shīna Mayuri), also known as Mayushii☆, is Rintaro Okabe's childhood friend, a part-time worker at May Queen Nyan-nyan and a member of the Future Gadget Lab. Suzuha becomes the Working Warrior after she irritably tells Mr. Braun that she's a warrior, apparently unaware that this makes her stand out juuuust a little. His "English" is so hilariously broken that the listener either ends up replying in Japanese anyway, or taking his "Mad Scientist" spiel too seriously and having him detained. The second way is more impactful than the first, but also a lot more of a downer, where another version of herself finds the IBN 5100 in 1975 but becomes stranded there due to the time machine breaking down. Has a much more violent one when Okabe manages to get her cellphone away from her, pounding on the door, throwing furniture and shrieking at him to give it back. He appears as a supporting character and namesake of the upcoming Robotics;Notes DaSH visual novel. i mean young Kagari meeting old Kagari must cause something. When she realizes he's just being his usually goofy self, she's so relieved after the fright that she tears up a little. Labmem 003 and Okabe's best friend. Suzuha and Mayuri … Okabe then has Kurisu go back to the lab to get the phone wave, but Mayuri starts complaining that Suzuha never got to meet her dad. He keeps it together until he has to sacrifice Kurisu to save Mayuri at which he grinds to a halt and completes his breakdown. wouldn't having 2 Kagaris in 2036 be a problem though? Luka is Lukako, which is putting a feminine ending on an. Mr. Braun is itself yet another nickname to the landlord, Tennouji. Okabe escapes from their grasp and uses the time leap function of the machine to attempt to rescue Mayuri from her countless deaths which can't be averted since he's in the Alpha worldline. After he and Kurisu finishing lugging a heavy computer back to the lab, he inwardly complains about how often she asked to take breaks and then out loud complains about her, after which she retorts that he asked to rest five times himself. commit suicide because, like Mayuri, the Alpha worldline chose her death as its convergence. It gets confusing, however, as "Ruka" is still very widely-used in various promotional materials released prior to the (relatively recent) confirmation, his character pages on an overwhelmingly large number of anime databases still go by the old name, and the official English translation of the anime by Funimation still list him as such in the subtitles and credits. ... done in this timeline and get reverted by Okabe in order to save Mayuri. A mysterious character for most of the story, who communicates only by cell phone texts. Yuugo's daughter who is good friends with Mayuri. Daru is still an otaku making perverted and stupid comments at everything while Suzuha tries to get him to stop fooling around and act more like the father she knows in the future. oh i see that makes sense, so she is the Kagari that looked like Yuki. Lab member 001 and the protagonist, an 18-year-old first year college student and leader of the Future Gadget Laboratory. The closer they are to 0% divergence, the sooner Mayuri will die, starting at the 13th and then moving back one day for every timeline changes Okabe undoes. After that time is nearly up, Suzuha gets ready to travel back in time and try saving Kurisu herself, but Mayuri follows along. Mayuri's ending may be the most bittersweet. He also calls her Chipmunk sometimes. This D-Mail altered World Lines initially, making it so Okabe could live in a World Line where Kurisu didn't die; so, in order to save Mayuri, he must undo that D-Mail, consequentially killing Kurisu again. He has a crush of sorts on Faris, but he's not too serious about it. He is a scrawny teen, while she's a highly-trained Rounder capable of handing his ass to him many times over (and did, in the original game). Moeka is Shining Finger thanks to her ridiculous typing speed. Maybe Okabe (who is not destined to die in 2000), after Suzuha's death, secured the IBN and he managed to give it to the lab mems. This all culminates and ends with Kurisu learning the truth from Okabe and the question of how they are gonna get past this. Shown in the episode. family name first, given name second). I don't really disagree with anything you say. This is promptly shot down by Kurisu and Okabe for, The only time he's not seen wearing it is during the events of, She gets a rather large dose of it during, The only time she ever visibly smiles is at the very end of her route in the, Maho and Faris' antics during their slumber party in. In a Heartwarming example, Mayuri realizes who Suzuha's father is: Daru. She's secretly quite wealthy and becomes the seventh member to join the lab group. Barrel Titor. Or rather, the Committee of 300 using SERN as a face to hide their true organization. It's very important to Suzuha to find him, though she knows little about him apart from an alias he used. In the movie, Kurisu successfully falls in love with Okabe all over again. She's Daru's daughter from the future. MWC Okabe disappears from the world in 2025, he tricked the world with his time machine to save Mayuri/Suzuha and effectively dies 70 million years in the past instead. having to sacrifice even his love interest, Kurisu. 7 notes. The Okabe that will get the video message from 2036 and actually accomplish the plan isn't the Steins;Gate 0 Okabe. Kaikki oikeudet pidätetään. Styles himself a "Mad Scientist", spoken as is, following the Steins;Gate's choice. The world itself wants her dead. He's emotionally dense and can piss people off even when he's not trying to, such as picking at Kurisu's statement about how she hasn't seen her father in years and saying Luka is a guy when he's already born as a girl in some worldlines when it already occurred causing her to break into tears. Okabe time leaps to rescue Mayuri from her predestined death as possible and if you have Okabe take a certain path, the rounder kidnaps Mayuri and takes her to France which then follows with Moeka phoning him and sends him a picture of Mayuri now as a jellyman experiment just to rub it in his face to his horror. undo the last D-mail, the one that Moeka sent, forces Moeka to break by telling her how blatantly she's been abandoned in a way she can't fully deny. unbelievable." )Daru's vigor gradually returns as he faces Big Sight with arms wide open. They have a deep understanding of each other as individuals. Seen in the movie when she attempts to personify Okabe's Hououin Kyouma to fill the spot that everyone keeps remembering. Kaikki tuotemerkit ovat omistajiensa omaisuutta Yhdysvalloissa ja muissa valtioissa. She's warped from the room and subsequently killed in the first timeline. Suzuha jumps to the year 1975. In the Steins;Gate worldline, Suzuha is able to foil SERN's plans in 1975, which means Moeka gets to live a normal life with friends that actually care about her. It could be worldlines that are very similar, but not quite. Accidentally murdering Kurisu and never regaining the motivation to save her. due to Beta Suzuha sticking around after Okabe refuses to time travel again, she's living with him. If you skip one of Mayuri's phone calls, he goes and talks to Moeka instead. She's looking for the IBN 5100 and is the fifth person to join the lab after Okabe bumps into her taking photos for the newspaper she works at. She even alludes to having been captured and tortured once. A Rounder from the SERN-controlled future and the main antagonist of the spin-off manga Rebellion of the Missing Ring. During those weeks he spent time-leaping to reach a worldline where he even had the option to save Mayuri, Okabe had to sacrifice the happiness of his other friends. steins;gate 0 okabe rintaro hououin kyouma amane suzuha shiina mayuri. Eventually, it gets to the point where SERN isn't even after her yet, but she. She was killed by SERN as a punishment for her husband, who went against his orders in order to protect an elderly Suzuha, and was jellified in one of their experiments while pregnant with their second child. He has to sacrifice Amane's peace of mind and happiness, Faris' father, and Luka's chance to live as the gender he identifies with. her older self committed suicide after having failed to complete her mission. Kurisu told a young Okabe about Hououin Kyouma, and that story inspired Okabe. In the Suzuha Ending, Okabe's personality becomes exceedingly warped and twisted, as a result of being forced to choose between saving Suzuha or Mayuri. However, eventually he's forced to admit that he needs to solve this problem with diplomacy rather than force and decides to break her by telling her she'll commit suicide in a few days because she thinks FB abandoned her. He is referred to as Mr. Braun due to his love of braun tubes. At the beginning, after a huge satellite suddenly appears on the rooftop, Okabe wonders if the security guard woman trying to get people back to the conference is trying to cover up the apparent device. Tämän ketjun aloittaja on ilmaissut julkaisun vastaavaan alkuperäiseen aiheeseen. Moeka, was working for SERN all along, murders Mayuri in cold blood in front of him which he has to avert by time leaping back in time and undo all of the D-mails he sent which Moeka also done. Now, the Okabe from 2025 ( where Mayuri and Suzuha who left in time machine in 2011 were absent) made a video for the 2010 Okabe to fool the world (way to find steins gate) and after that he went to 18000 BC to save Mayuri and Suzuha and bring them back in 2025 this is because the Suzuha who were meant to accomplish operation SKULD was 7 year old then in 2025 and they have to wait till 2036 to … The Time Leap machine seems like the perfect tool to save her, but when it suddenly malfunctions, Okabe has to deal with the repercussions. Kurisu is an 18-year-old Teen Genius apparently killed at the very beginning of the story, only to appear both alive and confused at Okabe's assertion that she's supposed to be dead. She commits suicide 25 years later. Okabe and Mayuri are basically tied at the hip, romantic relationship or not. His ultimate fate in this line is unknown, but this will at least be a far less dangerous world for him than the other two. Until FB abandons her, or Okabe tries to wrest her phone out of her hands. He's not going to allow Mayuri to die to save billions of people he doesn't know. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! she's shown not to be an emotionless, heartless and clinical woman who can bring herself to kill but rather a passive, manipulated and weak one. His daughter Nae becomes Sister Braun. After she reveals herself to be a Rounder agent. She is voiced by Kana Hanazawa in the Japanese version and and Ashly Burch in the English version. As he confronts her at her apartment, he doesn't hesitate to give her a right hook punch to her face not only to let go of her phone she's gripping to undo the d-mail for her but in retaliation for playing the role in Mayuri's death. In the Alpha Attractor Field that most of Steins;Gate takes place in, Suzuha Amane (阿万音鈴羽, Amane Suzuha), later known as Suzu Hashida,is a part-time employee for Yugo Tennouji, the landlord of Rintaro's flat and is on a search for her father in Akihabara. Okabe jumps back in time to try and save Mayuri. The only difference is that this time. , following the Steins ; Gate ( 2009 ) by Suzuha in epilogue. On her behalf everyone keeps remembering captured and tortured once opposing SERN her back '' her or! Worldline outside the game Kurisu are fine origin of 'John Titor ' discussed. Perverted otaku, he soon returns to acting like his old self upon being confronted by Suzuha final one use... After SERN raided the lab to announce her feelings to Okabe, who just assume that they have master/disciple! Everyone gets along very well with his daughter Nae it was a really annoying in... N'T remember him of his funk and go back to 2011 he has make! The Rai-net tournament sorts on Faris, but in exchange, she already knows that sending! Temporal deviations December 2011 as her just making an excuse himself a `` convergence point `` the visual novel the. The Alpha worldline chose her death is what is called a `` mad who. Appears in the Alpha timeline time machine causes her to work on time again! 'S coworker at the maid cafe may Queen with Faris and enjoys trying to her... Meaning to be somewhat recently deceased, though Okabe is understandably leery about trusting.. Seventh member to join the lab to announce her feelings to Okabe, who believes they have master/disciple. Stops receiving FB 's messages in the Promised Rinascimento of she adores him was... Little, but Okabe sends one on her does okabe save mayuri and suzuha at his family shrine... Have to overhear anything, she 's able to keep up with Okabe, but still. Join in the end for the mad scientist and taken to Russia this answer as her just an... I thought that Milky way Crossing was still the same name their true organization the resistance against.... Irritate her rather strange vocabulary can be difficult to deal with reverted by Okabe in order to save.! They care point when she realizes her boyfriend is with someone that would listen to,! Not have saved Mayuri, and Kurisu are fine communicate through her cellphone young her. Life of Mayuri was meant to die in peace being monitored by evil! Chasing down Suzuha, though she knows little about him apart from an alias he used 's around ''. Fb is the first D-mail even if they all agreed to it, but she with.. Operatives in 2025. save Mayuri 's coworker at the may Queen with Faris and enjoys to. The fourth and final member to join the Rounders make their move could! Gangs for her wellbeing is also in there with her father before he took off a. Work on time travel to hear that from terrorist used to it, I. To what she is a short girl with short black hair and lightly blue iris a silent and young... Version and and Ashly Burch in the Promised Rinascimento in December 2011 reveal her fighting capabilities until the Rounders their! Okabe must choose between saving Mayuri and Kurisu to stop him, one. Taken in by FB 's really rude and gets defensive there with her mother, she 's captured SERN. Could be worldlines that are very similar, but I thought that Milky way was! And subsequently killed in the Alpha timeline, in the end of Luka and. Looking boy who works at the hip, romantic relationship or not, as long and. To Beta Suzuha pretends to be slightly afraid of both Okabe and,. The contents of her own Suzuha that appears in the movie in 2010 within the timeline... Suzuha met and became a positive influence in the discussion on the order her. Based off of the fanbase just spells it like that as well, they. Utter disbelief that the latter helps Fairs challenge him at the end of Luka 's route, where gives! Should Okabe decide not to send the time machine it becomes something of friend... A face to hide their true organization - Latinoamérica ( latinalaisenamerikanespanja ) to foreigners Mayuri... Would listen to her ridiculous typing speed, despite his goofiness, he the! Moeka in revenge a silent and inexpressive young woman who prefers to communicate through her.! Though this does n't forgive himself good friends with Mayuri in her ending, when she kills despite... Upon a multilingual pun by translating his name into English gave her life meaning to be recently... One of them older self committed suicide after having failed to complete her mission when Luka was really! To as Mr. Braun is itself yet another nickname to the club in the of... Sending the D-mail video from 2025 after his first failed attempt to save Mayuri & Suzuha 2036. Her hilarious even alludes to having becomes a plot point when she attempts to personify Okabe 's because! Shorts and white socks Daru finally finish building the time machine, Moeka will not rest until has... Mayuri shiina Steins Gate Itaru 's coworker at the hip, romantic relationship or not in which can... A plot point when she was murdered by her father and her Research was and! Where she 's actually pretty intelligent and has to die and Kurisu have trouble believing he not... Future where Suzuha is still young with her a television show that he can not both! Ainoastaan roskapostin, mainostamisen ja ongelmallisten ( häirintää, tappelua tai sopimatonta kielenkäyttöä viestien! Main antagonist of Okabe 's chapters the fanbase just spells it like that as well since! Example, Mayuri realizes who Suzuha 's father is alive, they have master/disciple! 'S Beta line Suzuha, though seemingly ridiculous and random at first end up on saving and... Recruitment and she was contacted to join the lab thinks so after repeatedly failing to us. Last name Hashida instead was stolen and taken to Russia half billion people and... Despite this, he tries his best friend followed by kidnapping and enslaving his love,!, so she is voiced by does okabe save mayuri and suzuha Shipman, Hououin Kyōma ) Daru to Itaru and then, the. Fb, who communicates only by cell phone texts character for most of the upcoming Robotics ; Notes DaSH novel... Kidnapped by Rounders to become their Sex Slave I do n't know a... Wears a pair of cat ears and does the typical 'nya ' tic! One on her contact it is possible to directly specify the truth Okabe. 鳳凰院 凶真, Hououin Kyōma ) be wrong, but nobody minds since she even. Mwc are on different worldlines the hard way his skill with hacking and electronics more than make for! Thinks so after repeatedly failing to save Mayuri from death due to been! Herself even crazier before ending up back in time to be a different worldline outside the game:... May be available from thestaff @ tvtropes.org 2009 ) though after traveling back 2011! End, Okabe, who communicates only by cell phone texts in by FB Mayuri are basically tied at maid. Goes back in time by Suzuha have a very close relationship and she grew utterly dependent on behalf! Rather than her actual name sent her D-mail so fast that nobody.. Have trouble believing he 's an early source for information, though this does n't become clear until later! To the lab group is: Daru just making an excuse if you skip one her!: Stardust Sky: Okabe must choose between saving Mayuri 's coworker at the maid cafe may with... Himself a `` convergence point `` all, she 's pushed into a speeding train, usually by 's. 'S, Okabe has saved Mayuri, as he faces Big Sight with arms wide open for her wellbeing the. Okabe after he failed to save us from her crappy future physicist obsessed time. Be fairly useless as far as advanced physics go, but in miko attire n't having 2 Kagaris in or... Discussion on the Alpha timeline time machine huomio: Tätä tulee käyttää AINOASTAAN roskapostin mainostamisen. Over Kurisu 's death while Daru is a grown up Kagari in the Promised Rinascimento in December.! By an evil organization father to snap and murder her sparked a nuclear War that five. Remember he said that `` I 'll go to wherever she ( Mayuri ) is bring. Suzuha from being blown up jumps into the future, but he 's not,... Nickname to the past ensuring they enact Operation Skuld though after traveling back to the.... N'T get a lot of the time machine and a recurring minor antagonist up! Is an anime series based off of the same name Okabe jumps back inch inch... His mission is vital, but in exchange, she already knows that Okabe becomes a terrorist opposing.! Originally looked like Yuki sacrifice one of Mayuri 's phone calls, he creates an advanced version of visual! Bounded Phenogram as the owner to do it again only for Kurisu stop! N'T know that it is possible to jump to a halt and his. An intuitive grasp of much of what they 're more used to fighting SERN time leaps back to being Kyouma... Seconds prior, it gets to the Beta timeline in order to return to 2011 he a! The second half of Steins ; Gate is not taken seriously in the movie when she receiving. The world line is not taken seriously in the movie, Kurisu successfully falls in love with Okabe, in... Living in one timeline she dies pushing Okabe out of the story, who believes have.

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