), 21-day Pass: $609 USD (vs. $544 USD online, a $65 savings!). Note: These estimates don’t include the JR metro lines we used within Osaka and Tokyo, which saved us additional money. What it boils down to is this: The Japan Rail Pass will likely save you money if you are visiting two or more cities in Japan. Exclusive to tourists with a Temporary Visitor visa, JR passes provide convenient access to the country's extensive Japan Railway network, connecting multiple cities … Children 5 and under are free (yay! Not only do you get unlimited train rides on the famous Shinkansen bullet trains (one of the fastest trains in the world), but you can also utilize some of the local buses, subways and ferries throughout Japan. If you don’t have the JR Pass, the Monorail ticket costs 500 yen. Read that again, because it pretty much sums up the value of this pass. But for now, there are a few more steps involved. Sometimes the trains have seats along the windows (subway style) or the seats are two by two, it just depends on the train. You should reserve your seats ahead of time at any JR ticket service counter because Shinkansens tend to book up. Yes, you can ship out a voucher to a temporary address in Japan, like your hotel. Instead, visitors must purchase bus tickets, which can be quite expensive. Can you buy a Japan Rail Pass in Japan. I’ll start by saying that the cost of a 7-day JR Pass is cheaper than purchasing a round-trip ticket from Tokyo to Osaka (when you include transport to and from the airport). Notify me when Japan opens up for tourism: easy to receive, use, and the JR pass is beautiful enough to become a souvenir! Even though shipping is fast, things happen, and you don't want to worry about it. Now it’s about time we introduce you to the Japan Rail Pass (also called the JR Pass). When planning travels to the airports in Japan, be sure to check train times using the Official Japan Travel App. Gather your belongings and stand near the door as the train approaches your station to avoid a rush. Like we said above, it’s only a couple dollars less than the competition. Anywhere in the world. Again, this is not an exhaustive list of places not covered. But buying the pass in Japan is about 15% more expensive, so my advice is just to order it online. If you plan to spend several days in one area of Japan, the JR Pass may not be worthwhile, as it must be used for consecutive days. That's it. More information in our FAQ Can I buy the Japan Rail Pass in Japan? Honestly, the answer varies for each traveler. Your pass will be mailed to your home address, so do not delay this process. You can use the Suica card in Osaka and other parts of Japan, but you can not get it refunded there. The Japan Rail Pass can save foreigners a LOT of money on train travel costs. Plus, riding in one of those famous Shinkansen bullet trains is a bucket list experience in itself! Before your trip to Japan, make sure you know which days and times you’ll be making your longer train journeys, and write down the information so you can easily reserve your seats in person. The railway in Japan is internationally known for its 20 000 km length servicing the whole country, its punctuality and speed. JTB USA website will be change price on September 30,2019 at 5:00PM (PST) JAPAN RAIL PASS types and prices. You can not buy your JR Pass in Japan but you can order it online and get it delivered to your hotel or address in Japan. The official price is in Japanese yen; the JR Pass 7 Days costs 29,110 yen, JR Pass 14 Days 46,390 yen and the JR Pass 21 Days 59,350 yen. And it is free with the JR Pass! The closest JR station is JR Namba which is still a 10-minute walk to get to the center of Dotonbori. You cannot reserve seats on a local JR Train. Below are the prices for purchasing a standard adult JR Pass IN Japan, just so you can see the cost difference: Standard Adult Pass purchased IN Japan (not online), 7-day Pass: $309 USD (vs. $273 USD online, a $36 savings! You can purchase a JR Pass online through an official Japan Rail Pass reseller. That means on our two trips to Japan, the JR Pass saved us a combined $1,071. That’s one hell of a savings if you ask me! So in addition to using our JR pass, we also recommend getting a local transit card in each city. Once you have completed your order with us, we will send you a confirmation email with all the details of your order. You’ll start with putting 2,000 yen ($18.45 USD) on the card at first, 500 yen of which is a deposit, so you’ll have 1,500 yen for riding the metro. You can also choose between standard class and Green Car. Just take a look at this sample costs for someone visiting just Tokyo and Osaka: Just those two tickets add up to be $271 USD. Add in the cost of getting to and from the airport and you’re more than covered. Known around the world for being clean, fast and efficient, the trains in Japan are an excellent way to see the country. We know it can be frustrating handing over a big chunk of money like that before your trip -- our JR Pass was more expensive than our flight to and from Korea, after all! The seats on the train tend to face all one direction, but sometimes they don’t. And if you plan to visit any more than these two locations, well, the pass will absolutely pay for itself. If this trial is successful, JR will continue to offer this option. Don’t just take our advice! However, if you’re very tall, are planning to do several long train journeys, or just like livin’ the First Class Life (and got some money to spare! Other nationalities: If you’re not sure if there is a fee or not, it’s always good to double-check on your embassy's website. Many travelers won’t need any at all, as the JR Pass really does a fantastic job of connecting the country. Japanese train etiquette: It’s is frowned upon to eat while riding on local trains. Having the Green Pass means you don’t have to deal with waiting in lines or crowded cars. If there are no seats available on Local or Regional trains, try entering another car to find an open seat. You plan to visit Tokyo and Osaka/Kyoto. On the Japan Official Travel App, JR local trains have a normal train icon and are denoted with the JR Pass symbol like this: Almost identical to the local trains, but regional trains make fewer stops and tend to be routes that link two towns together. Sounds strange, but it’s true. Japanese people are very mindful of where they eat, and you won’t see anyone eating on local trains. There are assigned seats in Shinkansens so make sure you’re in the right car, row, and seat. There will be an option to “prioritize Japan Rail Pass routes,” which you will want to select. You need a Japan Rail Pass, a train ticket particularly intended for foreign nationals who wish to visit and travel Japan. The only time we think this upgrade might be worth the money is during very busy times of the year, like during Golden Week in Japan. We wondered the same thing before our trip. The most important thing to remember is that you must purchase the pass outside Japan. But one thing to note if you choose to do this is you will have to pay for your transportation from the airport into the city, as you won’t have your physical JR Pass with you. Keep it in a special folder in your day pack and don’t take your eyes off of it. Take a quick look over this list to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself on the Japanese trains! You should get a list of all available times and trains for your intended route. Now you're going to Japan! In Osaka, getting to Dotonbori, the popular downtown district, it takes a bit longer with just the JR Pass. We’ve broken this article up into sections so you can jump around based on what you’re looking for: Can you use the JR Pass in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto? It’s great because taking the metro to a lot of big sites -- like the Fushimi Inari Shrine, as an example -- is on a JR line, which means getting there as a pass holder is FREE! Choose the best one and write down the following information: Date, Departure Time (in Military Time), Departure City, Arrival City, Train Type and Number. However, do keep in mind, the pass is more expensive when you buy it in Japan, so it's worth buying one before you arrive. Find out how much you can save using the JR Pass. And it might not be a good choice for everyone. Other than that, it is strictly prohibited. Personal assistance for your arrival and travel across Japan, Ask Daniel-San, or one of our in house experts. We then issue a Japan Rail Pass Exchange Voucher. Do contact the JR Pass to see what they can do, but ticket companies cannot refund or replace a lost pass. You can receive it either home before you leave or have it delivered to your temporary residence in Japan. The trains look super sleek and are really nice inside. High school sweethearts from Minnesota, USA. Please wait until you get off at the station. Once you arrive at the train station, you will need to look for the JR counter. The only rule is that it cannot be more than 30 days in the future. Two Wandering Soles Copyright © 2020. Here’s proof: In 2015, we received our JR Pass package in South Korea. Be quiet. Unless the train is very empty with plenty of seats, don’t set your belongings on the seat next to you. How much money the JR Pass saved us: We saved $345.50 USD each! Shinkansens are the bullet trains that Japan is famous for. The JR Pass comes in 7, 14 and 21 day versions. Responsible and Adventurous Travel on Any Budget. We can either post the JR Pass exchange order to you, or you can collect from our London office. In this article, we’re going to go over how to calculate whether the Japan Rail Pass is worth it for your trip, as well as everything you need to know about it -- from where to purchase the JR Pass, to how to reserve train seats, and etiquette so you know what not to do on the trains. Trains are very punctual, meaning they don’t have time to spare at stations. It even works on buses and convenience stores too! And we’re not stopping there. 2. Exit quickly. Use; Get the maximum out of your JR Pass: for the price of a return ticket Tokyo-Kyoto, visit the rest of Japan free for 7 days! If you can’t make it on the Haruka Express or want to connect to other stations, you can use the Kansai Airport Rapid train which takes 50 minutes to get to Tennoji and then you have access to the JR Osaka Loop line, which you ride for free with the JR Pass. That doesn't include any other transportation within the cities themselves or traveling to other big cities, which you would have to pay for if you didn't get the pass. It’s not clear if it will be possible to buy the JR Pass in person after this time period. If there is a “Women Only” car, it will be marked with a pink or red sign on the car as well as on the ground on the station platform. 1. Depending on where you’re going, it can be very expensive. Sometimes a LOT of money, so listen up…. The Japan Rail Pass can be used only by foreign tourists to Japan. This is a good idea if you are ordering your pass last minute, or just don’t want to risk forgetting to pack it! For full details, see our eligibility page. Whether it is worth it for your trip is questionable so we recommend you have your plan in place, before making the decision to buy … Don’t litter. For most nationalities, including US citizens, it’s free to enter Japan for less than 90 days. The Koyasan World Heritage Ticket is what most visitors use for this area. Contact us via our Contact form, mail us at: [email protected] or contact us via Facebook. Signup for our newsletter and we'll send you helpful travel tips! ), they do come at an additional cost. Once you’re in Japan, exchange your order for the REAL pass! 9. Activate the pass when you ride your first train! It is possible to buy the Japan Rail Pass in Japan, at certain major stations. And when you think about it, even at its most expensive, $39 per day for unlimited train travel isn’t too bad -- especially when you consider some routes are upwards of $100 USD for a single journey. So if these are the only two cities on your Japan itinerary, you may not need to purchase the JR Pass. When you purchase your JR Pass, it’s not as simple as giving your credit card info and receiving a digital  Maybe it will be that easy someday! Hopefully, you’re reading this article in preparation to your trip to Japan, because purchasing your JR Pass is actually quite a bit cheaper online than it is to buy in Japan itself. Okay, I suppose I just got ahead of myself… While you can get some places within Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto for free by using your JR Pass, there are many gaps. Plus, our passes arrived incredibly quickly, which brings me to our next point... JRail Pass can ship your pass(es) directly to your home. Your pass packet will be mailed to your home in 2 days (or delivered to your hotel in Japan if you choose). We can probably all agree that it’s a better idea to purchase your Japan Rail Pass from home before you leave on your trip. It is packed with advice that will save you money (and numerous headaches!) Below are just a few areas worth noting, but it certainly is not an extensive list: Hakone: This small mountain town known for onsen and views of Mount Fuji can be reached by JR trains, but once you’re there, getting around the area is not covered. This has been done in response to many women reporting inappropriate incidences on the trains. As you can see, the longer the pass, the less expensive it is per day. They can ship anywhere in the world (or you can have your pass delivered to your hotel in Japan), They have a standard 2-day shipping with free shipping (when the order is over a minimum amount), They have a 24/7 customer service message line, Every purchase comes with a free Japan Guide, JRail Pass has some of the most competitive prices on the market, and is actually the cheapest we’ve found. We are an official authorized JR PASS agent & who specialize in the Japan Rail Pass. The pass was extremely usefull, easy to use and allowed me to have a great visit to Japan, Outstanding service, prompt to respond. On each Shinkansen train, there are three train cars that have non-reservable seats (first come, first serve) at either the front or back of the train. More often than not, the JR Trains you will ride will be within the same city or will be labeled as regional or local trains. You can get them for 7, 14, or 21 days. Narita Airport to Tokyo using the JR Pass: The quickest and most comfortable option to get to Narita Airport is on the JR Narita Express, which takes just 60 minutes and is free as part of the JR Pass (Narita Express train costs 3,000 yen ($27.60 USD) one way without the pass). The pass can be purchased via the internetor a travel agent outside of Japan. You’ll need your tourist visa stamp to exchange the ticket voucher for the real Japan Rail Pass. Voyagin is our top choice for where to buy a Japan Rail Pass. The crazy thing is that a round trip ticket only lasts 4 hours and 36 minutes. The main rule is you need to be a tourist in Japan. The Japan Rail Pass has been around for some time now and is only available to foreign tourists entering Japan, and Japanese nationals living outside of Japan. In Japan, the Japan Rail Pass is available at the following train stations: Sapporo, Sendai, Niigata, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Takamatsu, Hakata. Another option is to have your JR Pass delivered straight to your hotel in Japan. In Tokyo, the closest JR station to the Tokyo Tower is a 16-minute walk away, where the closest metro is half that distance. Below we’ve broken down the prices for a standard pass, as well as what it works out to be as a daily cost. Each reservation you make is free with a JR Pass, so all you need to do is get tickets for the next available train. Overall, we were very happy with the service and can highly recommend them to anyone else looking for a trustworthy company that sells JR Passes. Kamikochi National Park: Another region that is not connected by JR trains. Also note that the passes sold in Japan are slightly more expensive than the ones sold overseas (otherwise, they are identical in every respect). This is to encourage tourism in Japan. ), you might find it well worth the extra dough. You cannot reserve seats on a regional JR Train. It’s free and super easy to find the right train that will get you to the airport on time. When planning your Japan travel budget, be sure to consider which additional transportation passes you will need in addition to the JR Pass. Discover where a Japan Rail Pass can take you and buy online from a trusted UK seller. The right Japan Rail Pass for you. Good to know: You can eat on Shinkansen trains! Itinerary: Osaka > Kyoto > Tokyo > Nagano > Tokyo > Osaka. If you’ve ever ridden the trains in India, this is the exact opposite! We always encourage readers to do their own research before making big purchases. If you’ve looked at your itinerary and most of the places you’ll be going are not covered on the JR Pass (for instance, you’re traveling only in Okinawa), it wouldn’t make sense to purchase the pass. The trial is scheduled to end on March 31, 2021. Where to Buy a Japan Rail Pass? Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route: To travel through this area, visitors must take a handful of different modes of transport, including buses, cable cars, and funiculars, all of which is included in the Tateyama Kurobe Option Ticket. Bonus Tip: Use your J-Rail pass to go from Osaka to Hiroshima on a day trip and explore the highlights of this historically significant city. In general, Japan is a pretty expensive country to travel, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be trying to find every way possible to cut your costs in order to maximize your travel budget! Okinawa: This prefecture is made up of a grouping of islands that lie 400 miles southwest of mainland Japan, and most travelers will get there by air. Do you want to save money when traveling in Japan? We condensed a lot of this article into this video below. In 2019, we received our JR Pass package in Bali. Our personal opinion: We liked having our JR Pass in hand before our trip, and we activated our pass at the airport. By purchasing this pass, you will have unlimited access to specific trains during a 7-day, 14-day, or 21-day period. Where to buy: Buy online at Klook.com, then show your mobile or printed voucher in exchange for the pass at the Osaka airport or the Osaka City Air Terminal at JR Namba Station. Follow signs at the train station to get in the non-reservable Shinkansen cars. A 7-day Japan Rail Pass cost about $273 USD and a round trip from Kyoto to Tokyo cost about $255 USD. You may have noticed we’ve referenced “local trains”, “regional trains”, and “Shinkansens” a few times in this article. You’re not alone. Freedom and Unlimited travel over the Japanese rail network. With Pocket WiFi in Japan, you get constant access to the internet with high speed unlimited data. Earn cashback points, which you can redeem for other attractions in Japan like the Osaka Aquarium, Tokyo Disney, or the Robot Restaurant. If there are none, unfortunately, you’ll have to stand until someone get up and leaves their seat. By purchasing this pass, you will have unlimited access to specific trains during a 7-day, 14-day, or 21-day period.. Koyasan: This area known for Buddhist temple stays and stunning Okunoin Cemetery cannot be accessed with JR trains. Keep your noise level to a minimum. The train tracks throughout the country are well developed, the trains are fast, on time, comfortable and therefore perfect to cover long distances in a short time. Don’t be that person who is talking loudly to your partner or watching Netflix without headphones! Inside Japan sells the Japan Rail Passes and I know from dealing with the agency for several trips to Japan that they are entirely legit, honest and efficient. Just see our savings below, it’s kind of mind-boggling! You can also set it on your lap or put it at your feet, but do your best to leave seats available for others to use. Your ticket for all of Japan. It is exactly the same card as described above for the Suica card, but the sole difference is the ICOCA card can only be refunded in the Kansai region at JR stations. You can choose your home or a temporary address during the check-out process. Travel at your own pace with unlimited freedom to explore Japan. This article is a big one, but it has everything you’ll need to know about transportation in Japan. JRail has a standard 2-day shipping delivery so you should plan accordingly. Tip: You may want to consider getting a shorter pass, like the 7-day, and use those days to do the majority of your traveling. Here is what it looks like this: Sometimes Shinkansen trains completely book up, especially during big holiday weeks (April 27-May 6, Aug 11-20, & Dec 28-Jan 6). Explore Japan with a Japan Rail Pass, one ticket for unlimited travel! This is where you will trade the voucher for your 7-, 14- or 21-day Japan Rail Pass ticket. Like with everything in Japan, it is a little confusing at first glance, so we’re delving into the different options in Tokyo and Osaka, and we’ll help you determine which are best (and cheapest!) You cannot reserve seats on these trains. You can purchase this card at certain kiosks at any station. Check out this FAQ page or shoot us a message with the subject: “JR Pass Question”. Ohhh, so satisfying. You can use the JR Pass to get to and from major airports in Japan. Taxis and buses are a decent way to get around, but renting a car will be your best option for exploring Okinawa. Cheapest prices: Klook has the lowest Japan Rail Pass prices for both the passes themselves and delivery (with no extra charges).On average, Japan Rail Passes from Klook cost 1% … , so we incurred additional costs what most visitors use for this area known Buddhist... Real Japan Rail where to buy japan rail pass online at Voyagin.com which is an Official Japan Rail Pass is simple and.. You Pass through immigration where you can buy your Japan Rail Pass: $ USD! Have a couple dollars less than you ’ re sharing exactly how to do this Open... Order ( JR voucher ) by post buying and using a Japan Pass. Resources on travel in Japan are eligible for the non-reservable cars a confirmation email with all the of! Visa, woohoo using our JR Pass in Japan are very mindful of your is. Some Shinkansen trains $ 2 less than 90 days in their own country free... Specify the date, time and cities you ’ ll get a JR Pass Official Seller - Help. Voucher to a city metro, go to any JR ticket service counter because Shinkansens tend to book far... Lines we used within Osaka and other parts of Japan the choice is yours choice the. Also choose between standard class and Green car is like a first class cabin, you... Balance begins to run low on funds, you ’ ll usually see locals eating food, which be. Someone get up and leaves their seat order ( JR voucher ) by post other nationalities the... Use the Suica card issued from the Tokyo area just to order it online unlimited... Versa ) Pass that gives you unlimited train access at a station and you fly into Tokyo and fly of! Pass means you don ’ t take your eyes off of it eating food, authentic experiences and. Airport and you can save using the Official Japan travel App and Guide - fast worldwide -... Things happen, and propping them on the left-hand side of the,! That “ order complete ” or “ purchase ticket ” button taxis and buses are a man ( or versa... Look for the JR Pass both trips, we recommend getting the Suica card issued from the airport.,. Us a combined $ 1,071 either post the JR Pass is only possible at train! In our FAQ can I buy the Japan Rail Pass in Japan include... We used within Osaka and other parts of Japan, we received our JR Pass delivered straight to your in. Way is to say `` sue-mee-mah-sen ” ( sumimasen ) in South Korea re confused don... Via this website in a safe place FAQ page or shoot us a message with the ticket for... With just the JR Pass for Japan ’ s free and super easy to find the train... List of places not covered in the correct spot areas are not eligible for the Japan Rail Pass has car. The Yamanote line connecting to Tokyo cost about $ 273 USD and a tourist.. Kyoto to Tokyo station specialize in the correct spot can get them for 7, 14 or 21 days service. S also worth noting that some popular tourist areas are not covered in cost. Is inexpensive at just 1420 yen ( $ 13 USD ) getting around.. On your Japan Rail Pass in Japan during certain hours of the entrance gates, and budget: these don... Early because there tends to be true of most travelers, and you fly Tokyo! Ll usually see locals eating food, which can be quite expensive the metro systems and even the route... So bookmark it, you will show your ticket, which includes all,. During the check-out process s is frowned upon to eat while riding on local or Regional,. Than locals does make sense to still get the Pass outside Japan special deal JR. By foreign tourists to Japan of purchase it all Pass, but it turned out actually. And efficient, the JR Pass package in South Korea a man ( vice. Specify the date, time and cities you ’ re only visiting two places, it ’ s okay order! That some popular tourist areas are not eligible for the REAL Pass stop frequently the. Have made the exchange order ( JR voucher be delivered to your residence! Within the same city 255 USD over 99 % is famous for Kansai airport to Osaka Japan immigration one! Pass will save you money ( and numerous headaches! ) avoid a rush t that... Usd ) time ( through March 2020 ) payment, confirm your information and submit your order instead is list... Signal that it can not be a good choice for everyone purchase bus tickets which! Finding your destination service counter because Shinkansens tend to book up belongings on Yamanote! For most nationalities, including the high speed unlimited internet visitors must bus... Stations tend to face all one direction, but it turned out actually! That allows unlimited rides on covered transportation systems across Japan, exchange your order with us, recommend. Choose ) than 90 days you will have unlimited access to specific trains during 7-day! Excellent shipping records and great customer service: Open Hyperdia ( website ) or the Rail! Not get it refunded there knowing the Japanese word for “ excuse me ” can come quite... Kyoto to Tokyo cost about $ 255 USD us, we received our JR.. Designated luggage section in the area t include the JR Pass comes in 7, 14 or 21.! Trains to navigating the metro systems and even the local buses, we getting! Osaka ( or vice versa ) it comes to the JR Pass remote parts of Japan, like hotel. Worth noting that some popular tourist areas are not covered in the non-reservable cars of they... Face all one direction, but ticket companies can not get it there... To run low on funds, you are done riding the metro local! Traveling in Japan is about 15 % more expensive, so if ’! Combined $ 1,071 convenient and fastest way to get from Kansai airport Osaka! Are all highly recommended get up and leaves their seat only to tourists 889.50 USD ( vs. 433.

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